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With brother Hal, circa 1908.    Age 5, circa 1910.    Age 9, with her mother. Circa 1914.    Circa 1916.    Joan and mother during Joan's St. Agnes Academy years, circa 1918.    Joan with mom and brother Hal, circa 1921. 






Joan, the tall girl at back, at St. Agnes Academy, 1918.    Stephens College yearbook photo, Fall 1922. Includes individual picture and photo of whole page, plus yearbook cover.    Stephens College, Fall 1922.    Stephens College. Fall 1922.




Kansas City / New York City


1924. Shot by Kansas City photographer Orval Hixon. Copyright C.D. Hixon. Visit    1924. Showgirl publicity, signed 'Billie.'    1924. Shot in New York City by John DeMirjian.    1924. Shot in New York City by John DeMirjian.    1924. Lucille LeSueur in Broadway's 'Innocent Eyes.' 'Red Pepper' magazine. Shot by John DeMirjian.    As 'Labor Day' in Broadway's 'Passing Show of 1924.'



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