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Modern Screen

November 1948


Photos of Joan's Brentwood Home

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Joan and Chris in the drawing room. Modern and traditional furniture, oil paintings, Chinese porcelain lend sophistication.  In her private, usually flower-filled sitting room on the second floor, Joan answers her personal mail, keeps her favorite books and photographs. The Queen Anne desk contains a collection of Chinese porcelain.

Most of Joan's entertaining is done in this playroom. The wall covering is leather, the built-in couches are sturdy, the lamps out of elbow reach. Joan's gold Oscar and Jean Negulesco's sketch of her are here. China figurines line this pine-panelled hall which leads to the dining room. A series of Chinese murals in the dining room beyond are so delicate they're kept under glass.

 Joan Crawford's private theater is in a small building alongside the pool. It's as well-equipped as any full-sized theater, and movies are shown here almost every night. The stage is at the far end of the beautifully-furnished room. The pool is lined with blue tile, and the fence around it keeps the children out. Building on the left has a shower and dressing room that can serve as guest quarters.

Joan's dressing room is a perfect setting for a star. It has an all-over carpet of thick white wool; quilted chintz covers the walls, and the closets are as big as rooms. Separated from the rest of the bedroom suite is Joan's sleeping porch. The Dorothy Liebes draperies, heavily lined with black, conceal a wall entirely composed of windows.