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The Sixth Sense



Joan Crawford interview with host Gary Collins



GARY COLLINS: I not only enjoyed your performance in tonight's show, but it's a sincere pleasure to meet Joan Crawford in person.

JOAN: Thank you, Gary.

GARY COLLINS: Thank you.

JOAN: I've watched this show enough to feel as though we've met before.

GARY COLLINS: Perhaps we have. ESP.

JOAN: It's interesting how many people have had experiences they're convinced are ESP.

GARY COLLINS: Are you one of those people?

JOAN: Well, I do know that certain things happen on occasion that just cannot be explained away.

GARY COLLINS: For instance...?

JOAN: Well, I had a dream that my dog who is very special to me was falling...falling...falling. And I kept running after him, trying to catch him. And the next night, he did fall thirty feet down, between the wall and a free-flying staircase that was in my apartment. Luckily he survived. But how do you account for my dream the night before it happened?


JOAN: For me, definitely.

GARY COLLINS: I think there's a lot to be learned yet about ESP. But I'll tell you one thing -- I'm going to use mine to get back on our show as soon as possible! Thank you for joining us, Joan.

JOAN: Thank you, Gary. Good night.

GARY COLLINS: Good night, Joan. 


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