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Movie Fan  (UK)

September 1931. Vol. 1, No. 6.

Movie Life  (US)

December 1937. Vol. 1, No. 2.

Movie Life  (US)

May 1939. "The Complete Movie Life of Joan Crawford."



Other known issues of Movie Life featuring Joan:


May 1942.   "The Hardest Day in Joan Crawford's Life"

September 1945.

January 1948.

October 1950.  An article about Christina's birthday.

April 1951.

May 1955.

October 1955.

November 1955.




Movie Mirror  (US)

April 1932.

Movie Mirror  (US)

March 1933. "Joan Crawford Denies a Rumor."

Movie Mirror  (US)

June 1933.

Movie Mirror  (US)

June 1934. "The Truth About Myself and Franchot Tone."



Other known issues of Movie Mirror featuring Joan:


June 1932.  6-page article on Letty Lynton in fiction form,
with photos.

March 1935.   "Joan Crawford Tells the Difference Between
Friendship and Love"

July 1936.

March 1937.   "Why Joan Crawford Kicked Over the Traces"

May 1937.

November 1937. "How Joan Crawford Learned to Wear

December 1938.   "Joan Crawford's Plans for a Family."

September 1940.   "Why Joan Crawford Has Adopted
a Baby"

1964.  Movie Mirror Yearbook. No. 7.

Movie Mirror  (US)

January 1935.

Movie Mirror  (US)

August 1936.

Movie Mirror  (US)

April 1937.  118 pgs.





The Movie Pictorial (Japan)

March 1933. Vol. 6, No. 3.

Movie Romances  (US)

September 1931. Vol. 6, No. 10. Cover art by "Hughes."


Movie Romances  (US)

April 1932. Vol. 7, No. 5. Cover art by "Hughes."


Other known issues of Movie Romances featuring Joan:

August 1931. "Dancing to Beauty."




Movie Show  (US)

May 1945. "Joan Crawford -- The Lady Who Knows
What She Wants."

Movie Show  (US)

April 1947.

Other known issues of Movie Show featuring Joan:

February 1948.




Movie Story  (US)

February 1938.  No. 46.

Movie Story  (US)

Sept. 1939. Vol. XIII, No. 65.

Movie Story  (US)

March 1943.

Movie Story  (US)

January 1947.  Vol. 22, No. 153.

Other known issues of Movie Story featuring Joan:

March 1939.  The Ice Follies of 1939

October 1941.  No More Ladies

January 1948.  Daisy Kenyon.

June 1949.  Flamingo Road

June 1951. Goodbye, My Fancy





Movie Weekly  (US)

March 28, 1925 (cover); April 4, 1925 (article page).

Vol. V, Nos. 8 and 9.

"Name Her and Win $1,000"

"$1,000 in Prizes for a Name!"

Other known issues of Movie Weekly featuring Joan:

April 11, 1925. Vol. V, No. 10.   "There is Still Time to Enter $1,000 Name Contest."  

April 25, 1925. Vol. V, No. 12.  "The $1,000 for a Name Contest."  

May 2, 1925.   "This is the Last Chance to Enter the Contest in Which We Offer $1000 for a Name."

Vol. V, No. 13.  

September 19, 1925.   "Joan Crawford is the Winning Name"

Movies  (US)

September 1931.

Movies  (US)

May 1935


Other known issues of Movies

featuring Joan:


January 1946.





Moving Picture Stories (US)

Feb. 6, 1927.

Other known issues of Moving Picture Stories

featuring Joan:

July 13, 1926

Moving Picture Stories (US)

February 24, 1931. Vol. 38, No. 864.

Moving Picture Stories (US)

1931. Vol. 39, No. 871.

Moving Picture Stories (US)

January 5, 1932. Vol. 39, No. 877.




Ms.  (US)

April 1974. "What Movies Have Done to Women."

Mujeres y Deportes

Nov. 16, 1935. 72 pgs.

Mundo Argentino

November 12, 1947. No. 1921.

Mundo Uruguayo

April 23, 1936.  No. 887. 96 pgs.

Mundo Uruguayo

April 7, 1938.  112 pgs.



"M (part 2)"  magazines with articles only or no cover photo yet available.
Click on underscored articles to read.)


Movie Digest

January 1972.  Article: "Joan Crawford: Yesterday's Stars vs. Today's"



February 1944.   "Movieland's Beauty Hints"

October 1944.

September 1947.   "Can I Help You?" -- An advice column by Joan

November 1947.   "Can I Help You?" -- An advice column by Joan

February 1948.

August 1948.   Inside article/photo(s)

December 1950.   "My Mother, by Christina Crawford."

October 1951.

January 1952.   "How's Your Life Joan?"

June 1954.

April 1955.


Movieland and TV Time

January 1970.   "What Joan Crawford Learned from Going Blind."



August 1994.  "When you want bad taste, only The Story of Esther Costello will do."


Movie Monthly

March 1926.


Movie News

July / August 1977.


Movie Play

May 1946.  2-page layout, 5 pics: "Cheers for Crawford."

March 1955.


Movie Portraits



Movie Stars (& TV Close-Ups)

July 1967.   "I'll Carry On" - The Beautiful Legend of Joan Crawford

April 1970.   "Joan at 61: She's Still the Queen"


Movie Stars Parade

May 1941.  2-page photo spread of Joan's looks over the years, coinciding with A Woman's Face release.

January 1945.

January 1947.

August 1947.


Movie World

February 1971.   "The Four Men Who Left Joan Crawford Loveless."

Vol. 16, No. 2.

October 1971.   "Joan Crawford's Life Story"



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