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These 2 articles originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times


Tuesday, December 18, 1945



Joan Crawford yesterday said she and her actor-husband Phillip Terry are separated. Terry moved out Sunday night, she said. No plans for a divorce have been announced.

The couple were married in July 1942. This is the third broken romance for Miss Crawford, formerly divorced from Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and Franchot Tone; the first for Terry.

Miss Crawford has two adopted children – a daughter Christina, 6, and a son, Phillip, 2. Terry was not named in the adoption papers.



Friday, April 26, 1946



Smartly attired in a navy blue crepe dress and wearing a picture hat to match, Joan Crawford yesterday won a divorce in Superior Court from her third husband.

The auburn-haired Academy Award winner told Superior Judge Myron Westover her husband, actor Phillip Terry, criticized her for her selection of stories in which she played.

The action was filed under the couple’s legal names of Lucille Kormann and Frederick Kormann.

The screen actress said she turned down “script after script that I felt I should have done” because of Terry’s objections. She said she read between 200 and 300 scripts a year.

The actress further said she did not entertain anyone in her home during the first year of her marriage and added that she lost contact with her friends.

“It was hard to maintain my mental and physical balance,” said Miss Crawford. She said she lost 17 pounds during the first year of her marriage to Terry.

Under questioning of Neil McCarthy, her attorney, Miss Crawford said she and Terry had agreed upon a property settlement. It was approved by the court.

She testified no community property was involved.

Miss Crawford said she had two adopted children, Christina, 6, and Christopher, 3.

The couple were married July 21, 1942 in Ventura and separated Dec. 16, 1945. Miss Crawford was first married to Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and later to Franchot Tone.


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