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Julie London Magazines and Ads

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If you have info that I can add here about other Julie covers or articles, please e-mail me.



Above: Left: Cinemonde (France), 1950s.  Right: Down Beat (US). Jan. 23, 1957.


Above: Uncensored. January 1957. "How Julie London Gave Jack Webb the Business."



  Above: Hush (Toronto, Canada). April 27, 1957.



Life (US). Feb. 18, 1957.


Picturegoer (UK). Feb. 1, 1958.

Other Picturegoer issues with Julie articles:

January 21, 1950.

February 23, 1957.

March 2, 1957.

March 30, 1957.

July 6, 1957.

September 7, 1957.

November 23, 1957.

December 28, 1957.


TV Headliner. September 1957. 2-page article with 2 photos: "What Made Julie London TV's Sexiest Singer."



Picture Show (UK). 1958. With Gary Cooper in "Man of the West."




Chicago Tribune's "TV Week."   Feb. 9 to 15, 1963.




TV Guide (US).  June 17, 1972, and August 16, 1975. Two covers promoting the Emergency! TV show.

Other TV Guide issues with Julie articles:

 July 15, 1961.



In Tune (UK). December 2000. "Julie Was Her Name: The Julie London Story."


Other known magazines featuring Julie articles and/or photos (listed alphabetically):

Band Wagon. 1947

Cue. January 1957

Esquire. November 1943

Foto-Rama.  March 1959.  Cover head: "Julie London Strips!"

Modern Man. December 1958. Vol. 8, #6. Cover head: "Gary Cooper and Julie London Smoke Up a Haystack!"

Pleasure. July 1957

Radio-TV Mirror. November 1951. Article on Julie and Jack Webb inside.

Saturday Evening Post.  August 17, 1957. Cover head: "I Call on Julie London," by Pete Martin.

Silver Screen. June 1951.

TV Life.  Feb. 16 -22, 1957. Article: "Story of Julie London and Bobby Troup."




If you have other ad info or photos that I can add here, please e-mail me.


1956. Rheingold.


1960. Liberty Records.


1961. Coppertone.



  1964. Smirnoff.


Other known ads featuring Julie:

1947. Hollywood Starlet Diet.

1957. Honeybugs Slippers.

1961. Roberts Stereo Tape Recorders.