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Julie London on Television

1940s/1950s        1960s        1970s

Julie London's diverse television career spanned over 30 years, from 1945 to 1978. She's perhaps ultimately most famous TV-wise for playing "Nurse Dixie McCall" in the 1972 - 1977 series "Emergency!", but initially made her mark in the '50s and '60s  with her guest appearances in various Westerns, dramas, and variety and talk shows, as well as with her own musical specials. (From the late 1960s through the '70s, her television repertoire also included numerous game-show appearances.)

Information below is compiled from numerous Internet sources. If you have any other TV info or photos to add here, please e-mail me.

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Unknown date. Solid Senders. Guest star.



December 14. Armstrong Circle Theatre. "Hit a Blue Note." Episode 6.197. Guest star. Hosted by Sandy Becker. Other guests: Carol Bruce, Walter Matthau.



October 13. The Tonight Show. NBC. Guest star.

December 31. The Perry Como Show. NBC. Guest star. Sings "Cry Me a River."



Unknown date. The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show. NBC. Guest star.

September 10. Stars of Jazz. KABC (local show in unknown market). Guest star. Sings "'S Wonderful" and "Laura."

November 18. The Bob Hope Chevy Show. NBC. Guest star. Sings "February Brings the Rain."




1957. The Rosemary Clooney Show.   1957. 'Person to Person.'


January 20. The Steve Allen Show. NBC. Guest star. Sings "February Brings the Rain" and "September in the Rain."

March 16. Emmy Awards. NBC. Sings "The Meaning of the Blues."

March 24. Toast of the Town (later renamed "The Ed Sullivan Show"). Episode #10.27. Guest star. Sings "Boy on a Dolphin."

April 5. Zane Grey Theater. CBS. Episode 1.27. "A Time to Live." Plays "Julie," a dance-hall girl.

April 11. Shower of Stars. CBS. "Jazz Time." Sponsored by Chrysler. Special guest star.

June 6. Playhouse 90. CBS. "Without Incident." Plays "Angela."

September 13. Person to Person. CBS. Guest star.

September 29. What's My Line? CBS. Episode 382. Mystery guest.

October 2. The Big Record. CBS. Guest star.

October 4. The Rosemary Clooney Show. Guest star. Sings "Cry Me a River" and "Baby, Baby All the Time."



February 9. The Steve Allen Show. NBC. Julie appears as a winner of the Photoplay Movie Awards. Other winners include Deborah Kerr, Rock Hudson, Dolores Hart, Robert Evans, Taina Elg.

May 23. Stars of Jazz. ABC. Hosted by Bobby Troup. Guest vocalist. Sings "Free and Easy" and "Midnight Sun."



March 13. Bob Hope. NBC special. Guest star.

March 15. Frances Langford Presents. NBC. Guest star.

April 18. Perry Como Show. CBS. Guest star.

June 9. The David Niven Theatre. NBC. "Maggie Malone." Plays "Maggie Malone," a singer/part-owner of nightclub. Other cast members: Steve Brodie, Stacy Harris, Regis Toomey, John Wilder. Producer: Vincent M. Fennelly.

August 9. What's My Line? CBS. Episode 476. Mystery guest.

September 7. Frontier Justice. "A Time to Live." Plays "Julie," a dance-hall girl.

September 18. America Pauses in September. CBS variety special. Julie appears from Las Vegas, singing "'S Wonderful."

November 15. The Dinah Shore Show. NBC. Guest star. Sings "Makin' Whoopee."

November 23. Adventures in Paradise. ABC. Episode 1.10. "Mission to Manila." Plays "Dalisay Lynch."

December 10. The Pat Boone Show. ABC. Guest star.





1960. 'Laramie.'


February 8. The Steve Allen Plymouth Show. NBC. Guest star. Sings "Cry Me a River" and "It's a Blue World." Other guests: Buddy Hackett, Julius LaRosa.

May 15. The Chevy Show. NBC. "Pleasant Dreams." Guest star. Hosted by Carl Reiner. Also appearing: Jose Ferrer, Jane Powell, Audrey Meadows.

September 20. Laramie. NBC. Episode 2.1. "Queen of Diamonds." Plays "June Brown."

September 30. Rawhide. CBS. Episode 3.1. "Incident at Rojo Canyon." Plays "Anne Danvers." Bobby Troup plays Julie's piano player/manager.

October 14. Michael Shayne. NBC. "Die Like a Dog." Plays "Anita Rogell."

December 16. Dan Raven. NBC. "Tinge of Red." Plays "June Carey."




1961. 'Checkmate.'   1961. With Lawrence Tierney on the set of 'Follow the Sun.'


January 4. Hong Kong. ABC. Episode 1.14. "Suitable for Framing." Plays "Penny Carroll."

January 15. The General Electric Theater. CBS. "The Gershwin Years." Guest star. Features ensemble cast.

February 15. Bob Hope Sports Awards. NBC. Live hour-long broadcast. The top names in 11 sports categories were voted on by sports editors. Julie presents the Pro Tennis award. Also presenting: Dana Andrews, Lucille Ball, Jayne Mansfield, Dean Martin, Ronald Reagan, Ginger Rogers, Jane Russell, Tuesday Weld, Esther Williams, Jane Wyman.

April 15. Checkmate. CBS. Episode 1.28. "Good-bye, Griff." Plays "Libby Nolan."

April 16. What's My Line? CBS. Episode 560. Mystery guest.

April 18. The Garry Moore Show. CBS. Guest star. Sings "Trav'lin' Light" and "Time After Time."

May 13. Bob Hope Comedy Special. NBC. Guest star.

September 4. The Barbara Stanwyck Show. NBC. "Night Visitor." Plays "Julie."

October 3. The Garry Moore Show. CBS. Guest star. Appears with actor Don Adams.

November 26. Follow the Sun. ABC. "Night Song." Plays "Jill Rainey."



March 4. The Jack Benny Show. Episode 12.19. Guest star. Sings "Daddy."

December 9. The Voice of Firestone. ABC. Guest star.




1963. 'Dick Powell Theatre.'


February 13. The Eleventh Hour. NBC. "Like a Diamond in the Sky." Plays "Joan Ashmond."

March 19. The Dick Powell Theatre. NBC. "Charlie's Duet." Plays "Linda Baxter."

August 26. Stump the Stars. CBS. "Julie London vs. Fabian." Guest panelist.

September 12. The Lively Ones. NBC. Guest star. Sings "Black Coffee." Hosted by Vic Damone.




1964 Japanese special.


February 14. The Bob Hope Show. NBC. Guest star.

May 28. The Julie London Show. Special for Japanese television. Bobby Troup also appears.



January 4. The Alfred Hitchcock Hour. NBC. "Crimson Witness." Plays "Barbara, the Secretary."

July 9. An Evening with Julie London. WGN-TV, Chicago. Variety special. Also appearing: Bobby Troup, the Joe Eich Singers, Don Bagley. The Dapper Four (Fred Frank, Tom Knox, Jim Schamp, Jim Wheeler) provide uncredited backup for Julie.

November 17. Julie: Something Special. WGN-TV, Chicago. Variety special. Also appearing: Bobby Troup, bandleader Jerry Fielding, and the Hi-Los.

December 8. I Spy. NBC. Episode 1.12. "Three Hours on a Sunday Night." Plays "Phyllis Lauder." Filmed on location in Japan.



February 17. The Dean Martin Show. NBC. Guest star.



February 13. Julie: Something Special. NBC. Repeat of the WGN-TV Chicago special aired in 1965. (See 1965 entry above.)

April 9. An Evening with Julie London. KTLA-Los Angeles. Repeat of the WGN-TV Chicago special aired in 1965. (See 1965 entry above.)

October 9. The Man from U.N.C.L.E.  NBC. Episode 94. "The Prince of Darkness Affair," part 2. Plays "Laura Sebastian." The 2 episodes of this show were released theatrically 6/21/68 in the UK as "Helicopter Spies."




1968. 'Showtime.'


January 27. The Julie London Show. CBS. Julie hosts this hour-long special, with guests Chad and Jeremy, Fred and Mickie Finn & Friends, and the Dapper Dans. Julie sings "Makin' Whoopee," "When I Grow Too Old to Dream," "Never Will I Marry," "Cry Me a River," "Baby Won't You Please Come Home," "Meditation," and "Bye, Bye Love." She sings "Thoroughly Modern Millie" with the Finns; and "Girl Talk" and "Accentuate the Positive" with the Dapper Dans. The entire cast performs "Cabaret."


January 29, 30, 31; February 1, 2. Hollywood Squares. NBC. Guest star, along with Bill Bixby, Wally Cox, Glenn Ford, Ruta Lee, Rose Marie, Jan Murray, Charlie Weaver, and Shelley Winters.


April 26. Operation: Entertainment. ABC. One of a series of specials filmed at military bases around the country, this one at Norton Air Force Base in San Bernardino, California (where Julie grew up). Julie performs "Show Me the Way to Go Home" and "Daddy."


July 16. Showtime. CBS. Variety special hosted by Don Knotts. Julie performs "Straight Shooter," "The Man That Got Away," and "Cry Me a River." Also appearing: pianist Erroll Gardner, actor Robert Morley, singer Lonnie Donnegan, and Juan Quintero and His Flamenco Dancers.


September 30. The Big Valley. ABC. Episode 4.2. "They Called Her Delilah." Plays "Julia Saxon." Bobby Troup, uncredited, is the piano player.


November 13. The Jonathan Winters Show. CBS. Guest star. Sings "You Do Something to Me" and "Me and My Shadow."




July 1. Kraft Music Hall. NBC. Episode 196. Guest star. Sings "Softly As I Leave You" and "Daddy."




Emergency! Click to see photos from the show.  Adam-12, 1972.


January 15. NBC Saturday Night at the Movies: Emergency! 2-hour pilot episode of the series that would run through September 3, 1977.

January 22. Emergency! NBC. Debut episode. Julie plays nurse Dixie McCall. The series, which runs through September 1977, co-stars her husband Bobby Troup as Dr. Joe Early, Robert Fuller as Dr. Kelly Brackett, Randolph Mantooth as paramedic John Gage, and Kevin Tighe as paramedic Roy DeSoto. Julie's ex-husband Jack Webb is the executive producer of the series.

February 28. The Tonight Show. NBC. Musical guest.

September 18. Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In. NBC. Episode 6.2 (118). Guest star.

October 4. Adam-12. NBC. Episode 5.4. "Lost and Found." Julie plays her "Emergency!" character "Nurse Dixie McCall."



Unknown date. Celebrity Bowling. Appears with Bobby Troup.

July 2 - 5, 8. Tattletales. CBS. Appears with Bobby Troup.

November 7, 11, 13, 15. Tattletales. CBS. Appears with Bobby Troup.




Match Game, 1975.


February 11 - 14, 17. Tattletales. CBS. Appears with Bobby Troup.

August 28, 29; September 1 - 3. Tattletales. CBS. Appears with Bobby Troup.

December 10, 12, 15 - 17. Match Game. NBC. Guest panelist.



January 5 - 9. Take My Advice. NBC. Guest panelist, with Bobby Troup. Hosted by Kelly Lange.



September 3. Last episode of NBC's Emergency! airs.



January 7. Emergency!: The Steel Inferno. NBC. 2-hour television movie. Julie reprises her role as "Nurse Dixie McCall."

March 25. Emergency!: Survival on Charter No. 220. NBC. 2-hour television movie. Julie as "Nurse Dixie McCall."