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[in last month]






1960:  Color candids one, two, and three.


What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? A film still with Bette Davis. Screen shots: with Davis, one and two; with Maidie Norman; and solo.

A color candid in Los Angeles for a Portrait of Joan signing.










FILMS:  A link to a 2012 excerpt from Cliff Robertson's unpublished autobiography about his quasi-sexual first encounter with Joan when initially up for his role in 1956's Autumn Leaves.



1954:  Candid at a premiere with a "Joan Crawford doll."


Autumn Leaves -- A screen shot on the beach with Cliff Robertson.

Candid with Christina by Eve Arnold from a Woman's Home Companion article.


The Best of Everything -- A color photo on the set added to an already existing page with actress Linda Hutchings.

A contact sheet by Eve Arnold from her Life magazine (10/5/69) session with Joan.









1955:  Color on the set of Female on the Beach.


Autumn Leaves -- A post-battering grocery-store still with Ruth Donnelly.

A still from a session with Cecil Beaton.

1959:  Publicity on the set of The Best of Everything by Eve Arnold. (Thanks to Dara.)















Strange Cargo -- A bigger, better replacement publicity shot with Clark Gable.

Susan and God -- Candid on the set with director Cukor and Fredric March (includes press snipe).

1942:  They All Kissed the Bride -- A film still with Melvyn Douglas, Allen Jenkins, and Mary Treen.

1945:  Mildred Pierce -- A film still with Zachary Scott.

1946:  Publicity shots one and two.











1934:  Bigger, better replacements -- A film still from Chained, and a publicity shot by Hurrell.

1935:  A candid with freckles. (Thanks to Dara.)

1936:  Love on the Run publicity; and a candid at the Biltmore with Franchot Tone, Gene Markey, and Joan Bennett.

1939:  Publicity for The Women by Laszlo Willinger (including press snipes describing outfits), one and two.












Dancing Lady -- A film still with Fred Astaire, and arty publicity with Clark Gable.

Swimsuit publicity at home by Clarence Sinclair Bull; and publicity by unknown, one and two.

1934:  Publicity for Sadie McKee shot by Frank Tanner, one and two.












1931:  By Hurrell -- A new publicity shot; and bigger, better replacements one, two, and three (the latter two in Joan's MGM dressing room).


Grand Hotel -- A film still with Wallace Beery.

Rain -- By John Miehle:  A new publicity shot; and a bigger, better replacement.

1933:  Dancing Lady -- Gardenia publicity by Hurrell.











1927:  The Unknown -- A new publicity shot; and bigger, better replacements one and two.

1929:  Publicity shots -- By Ruth Harriet Louise, and by unknown.

1930:  Verlag postcard publicity shot by Hurrell, and a houndstooth publicity shot by Bull.












FILMS:  A complete set of Mexican lobby cards for I Saw What You Did.



1927:  Replacement (non-watermarked) 2-pg handwritten letter to longtime early correspondent Dan Mahony.

1956, 1959, 1972:  To a longtime fan re her Swiss vacation, the death of the fan's mother, and Christmas greetings ("may you be blessed with God's gentle touch").

1976:  To a friend re his enjoyment of Our Dancing Daughters ("I'm afraid it's very dated now...").


MAGAZINES:  Photos of actual pages from the December 1963 Screen Stories article, "Hollywood Girls Are Killing Their Own Glamor."



1963:  A candid at a club, and a replacement for a Columbia publicity shot (this one bigger and autographed).

1964:  Strait-Jacket -- Bigger, better replacements for stills with Lee Majors and with George Kennedy.

1965:  I Saw What You Did --  A bigger, better replacement for a publicity shot with Sara Lane and Andi Garrett.

1969:  A candid from an Argentinean magazine.

1970:  Trog -- Bigger, better replacement film stills: solo with press blurbs, one and two; with Kim Braden; and with Michael Gough and Bernard Kay.









1955:  Female on the Beach -- Film stills with Jan Sterling and with Jeff Chandler, Natalie Schafer, and Cecil Kellaway.

1956:  A film still from Autumn Leaves.

1957:  Publicity for The Story of Esther Costello with Rossano Brazzi.

1959:  A bigger, better replacement for a film still from The Best of Everything with Suzy Parker.











1949:  Flamingo Road -- Bigger, better replacements for film stills one, two, three, and four.

1951:  Goodbye, My Fancy -- New ones: On the set with lollipop (plus press blurb), and a film still. Plus bigger, better replacements, one and two.

1952:  Color publicity from the cover of NYC's Sunday News.

1953:  Torch Song -- A color film still with Michael Wilding; and a bigger, better replacement publicity shot.

1955:  Queen Bee -- Publicity with John Ireland, and a film still.













1935:  A film still from No More Ladies with Charlie Ruggles.

1936:  Publicity for The Gorgeous Hussy.


The Bride Wore Red -- Publicity with Robert Young and Franchot Tone.

The Last of Mrs. Cheyney -- Candid on the set, and publicity with Robert Montgomery and William Powell.

1939:  A film still from Ice Follies with James Stewart.

1940:  Publicity for Susan and God shot by Eric Carpenter.

1949:  Publicity shot by Bert Six.







Enough Is Enough!

(plus a Don't Get It Twisted rebuttal)

Years ago, I experienced the same exact online terrorism from Bryan Johnson (host of "The Concluding Chapter of Crawford") as the person writing below has recently experienced. When it was just me being abused online, I thought, "OK, I can handle it." But when I found out that Johnson was doing the same thing to others, I got pissed off. Here's what another host of a Joan board recently went through because of this creep:

"There's not enough characters in this message to begin to tell you the nightmare that he is in my life. He left the chat room after one month (in Oct of 2014) and has been an online menace to me ever since.... After many months of laying low he is now engaged in a full on assault against me. He's made hateful videos about me that I just got removed from Youtube, and constantly badgers me through his FB page. Lately he's re-posting my Youtube videos with Concluding Chapter watermarked all over them. This is just the tip of the iceberg-too much to try and detail here. I really feel he may be psychotic and I implore you to PLEASE not let my address be known now that you've had access to it....

I've kept it a "private" room to try and avoid conflict but Bryan refuses to let his animosity towards me go. It's to the point of really creeping me out-i.e., wondering if I need to be looking over my shoulder at all times. I try to never acknowledge or engage, but even that doesn't seem to diffuse him.

He has apparently got him self back into the chat room by making a phony FB account and now steals virtually every post I make, watermarks it, and then posts it on his own page. I don't even know how an adult has the time for all those shenanigans."


Bryan Johnson's MO was exactly the same with me years ago: He posted creepy, defamatory Facebook and YouTube pages that I had to fight to get taken down.

I'm sick of it. Everybody in Joan World should be sick of it. When it was Johnson posting things against "just" me, it could possibly be seen as only a personal beef. Once he starts pulling the same scummy tricks against someone else, though, it's become a psychotic pattern. His weird antics are now public knowledge. Everyone should be on the lookout for this creep.



p.s. A "don't get it twisted" line-by-line rebuttal to Kyle Michael, who posted the below on his Joan Facebook page, July 2:

...Bryan actually gave "BOE" website creator Stephanie Jones a ton of material to use for her site (including numerous Joan photos) for free ...(during the years between 2009 and 2013).

SJ: It's true that Johnson gave me photos for use on this The Best of Everything website. Although they were all unsolicited, I said "thank you" each time he e-mailed me something. Each of the photos that he sent me is also, to this day, credited on the site.

When he re-opened his previous Joan website and stopped handing out freebies to her is when she went crazy and began attacking him non-stop. She was upset because Bryan was no longer giving her free photos and material.

SJ: Not true. Back in 2013, when Johnson re-opened his Joan site, I was then the host of a Yahoo Joan chat room. Johnson was a member of the group, and he and I got into an argument (what I thought was an intellectual argument) about whether or not Crystal in The Women was a sociopath. (I said "no"; he said "yes.") From there, Johnson went off on a personal tirade about how I couldn't find a job, etc., and so I banned him from the group. He then posted various defamatory sites around the web (Facebook, YouTube, etc.) labeled "The Truth About Stephanie Jones"; all of the host sites took these weird pages down when I notifed them.

In short, I initially banned Johnson from the Yahoo group because he was making personal attacks; he then went on an Internet rampage with more personal attacks. I think I was pretty calm about the whole thing! :) But I did find his own actions extremely bizarre.

Stephanie Jones may have a comprehensive website on Joan, but Bryan Johnson was instrumental in helping her get it off the ground in the first place.

SJ: Not true at all that Johnson was in any way "instrumental" to this website. Back in 2004, I created this site after Bsabas Bennett, the webmaster of a now-defunct Joan site (Joan Crawford Online), had announced he was taking his site down. All of us Joan fans were freaking out: Where will we go, what will we do?? Bsabas sent me and others (not including Johnson) a CD with his Joan material on it. THAT is what was instrumental in getting this site off the ground in 2004. (I thank Bennett on the About page of this site.) Johnson had nothing to do with it.

We (the admins and creator of this Joan page) had to block Stephanie as she was attacking Bryan here several months ago....

SJ: Not true. I have NEVER been a member of Kyle Michael's Facebook page.

As for RV ... here's the "real" story: Bryan created a group called "The Joan Crawford Chat Room" years ago. He eventually enlisted the assistance of R. Bryan says that at first R. was nice and Bryan had no issue with him, but after a while R. became extremely intrusive in Bryan's life. For instance, if Bryan wasn't on FB, R. would get mad and go on a rant - and therefore became very controlling. So Bryan left the group, instead of removing R. from the group. RV turned the group into a bashing site against Bryan Johnson. And now he's using the "BOE" site to continue his rants.

SJ:  This claim by Kyle Michael is especially bizarre to me. I know for a fact that RV (not Johnson) created "The Joan Crawford Chat Room" on Facebook...because RV initially asked me if I wanted to be a co-moderator. At that time, I was away from the Internet for a couple of days and so didn't respond to him immediately. When I got back, I found that he had invited Johnson to be co-moderator. Given my history with Johnson, I told RV that I couldn't have anything to do with his new page since Johnson was also involved. RV had been a longtime member of both my old Joan Yahoo group and my current Facebook page; I was pissed at him that he asked Johnson to co-host "Chat Room," which I , of course, didn't join.

And now Michael is claiming that JOHNSON created "Chat Room"? And that RV became "very controlling"? And then Johnson allegedly left the group that he himself created because RV was allegedly "ranting"?! I don't think so. Come on, Kyle Michael. At this point, even you should be able to see Johnson's pattern of lies. Is it really EVERYONE ELSE who's "crazy"? There are numerous firsthand witnesses to Johnson's patterns of bizarre online actions. I'm here to shine the spotlight on those actions in the hope that no one else has to experience them. People can
e-mail me if they want to become part of the official record.

Bryan wishes Stephanie Jones and RV could provide evidence against Bryan as there is no proof to show, as none of what they have claimed is true.

SJ:  The Internet allows screen shots, for one thing. And there are IP numbers. (And, I just checked: Facebook and YouTube have records of the pages that Johnson posted about me, as well as records of the dates that I requested that they be taken down). Johnson's fingerprints are everywhere.

What is YOUR involvement in this, Kyle Michael? Why are you defending Johnson, even in the face of his outright lies? You need to take a look in the mirror and address your own psychological biases before you support someone who's done the things that Bryan Johnson has done online. Online, you claim to be "spiritual" and a "medium." From what I've seen online, though, you're not spiritual at all; rather, you shallowly take the side of someone you simply like better without learning the facts of a given situation. That's not "spirituality." In fact, that's "third-grader-ism" at its very height.





A 78 rpm Columbia record label for "I Loved You Then..." from 1928's Our Dancing Daughters.

Two lobby cards for 1931's This Modern Age.


COLLECTIBLES:  Two grooming kits from the 1930s: for the "Jr. Miss" (from Hasbro) and for the travelling man.



1934:  Chained:  Publicity shot by Hurrell. Forsaking All Others:  Publicity shot by Hurrell.

1936:  A film still from Love on the Run.










1929:  A bigger, better replacement for a publicity shot by Nickolas Murray on Catalina Beach.


This Modern Age -- One new film still (with Neil Hamilton); and bigger, better replacements one (solo), two (with Monroe Owsley), and three (with Pauline Frederick).

Bigger, better replacements by Hurrell: A publicity shot, and a candid.

1932:  On the set of Rain with William Gargan and director Lewis Milestone.










Lady of the Night (1925) --  Two Swedish movie posters for Joan's first film.

Twelve Miles Out (1927) --  An 8-page French press sheet, with photos and artwork.



1926:  Paris -- A film still with Charles Ray.

1927:  Twelve Miles Out -- Film stills with John Gilbert, one and two.


Rose-Marie -- Candid on the set with James Murray.

Four Walls -- Publicity with Louis Natheaux and John Gilbert.

A publicity shot by Ruth Harriet Louise for Tide of Empire (includes press snipe).







FILMS:  A German lobby card for Trog.



1943:  To a serviceman re his seeing Reunion in France 5 times, Christina, and Pupschen.

1965:  To a longtime fan re a book and autograph.

1970:  To a fan re 30s/40s movies versus present-day films.

1974:  To a friend/fan, with thanks and mentions of Betty Barker's assistance.


ADS:  A record label of a 1972 Joan promo for the American Cancer Society.



1959:  Publicity by Eve Arnold.

1960:  Color candid.

1962:  What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? -- One new b/w film still; and bigger, better color replacements one, two, three, and four.


Oscars -- Bigger, better replacements: Color backstage after the ceremony with Gregory Peck; and, a month later, delivering Anne Bancroft's Miracle Worker Oscar to her on the set of Bancroft's play Mother Courage.

Publicity for Columbia.

1968:  Berserk -- A film still, and a Fox marquee for the film.

1972:  An autographed still from TV's The Sixth Sense.








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  May 17, 2016:  I Saw What You Did on Blu-ray.






March 2006: Ferncliff Mausoleum and Flower Photos

July 2006: Ann Blyth at the Castro

May 2007: Ferncliff Mausoleum and Flower Photos

March 2008: Ferncliff Mausoleum and Flower Photos

March / May 2009: Ferncliff Flower Photos


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